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Location:Sydney, Australia

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20s, 50s, accents, adam hills, alexander/hephaestion, alice in wonderland, animals, apostrophes, archery, art, arthur/merlin, ballet, bass is best, birds, books, boys, bradley james, britain, british boys, c.s. lewis, camping, castles, cedric diggory, christianity, classical music, coldplay, colin firth, colin morgan, colour, comedy, complaining, cookie monster, costumes, dance, dancing, david tennant, desserts, diving, doctor who, double bass, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, drawing, dreams, education, elladan, elrohir, emily dickinson, england, europe, eva cassidy, fairy tales, fanfiction, fangirling, fantasy, flowers, food, football, francesca da rimini, freema agyeman, french, french films, fruit, gareth david-lloyd, giraffes, glorfindel, god, grammar, grammatically incorrect sentences, gymnastics, harry potter, history, hockey, ianto jones, jack harkness, jack/ianto, james bond, jazz, john barrowman, journals, kayo, knox abbotsleigh youth orchestra, la oreja de van gogh, languages, latin, literature, lord of the rings, love, mandapie, merlin, merlin/arthur, music, musical theatre, musicals, mythology, narnia, nature, ncis, new zealand, photobooths, photography, pocket lint, poetry, postcards, pretty things, procrastination, psychology, rain, reading, religion, retro, ribbons, rocky horror show, rollercoasters, running, shakespeare, shiny things, shoes, shopping, singing, skins, sleeping, spicks and specks, sporks, sport, stars, stationery, sting, tamora pierce, tchaikovsky, tea, teacups, the dancing dove, the doctor, the fratellis, theatre, thunderstorms, tolkien, tom baker's interchangeable head, toothbrushes, top gear, torchwood, trampolining, travel, travelling, umbrellas, underwear, urinetown, wales, whimsical stuff
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